Seize the Moment!

This tragic and dastardly act serves as a reminder that life at times is fragile. Every moment we feel the inconveniences of life, we must immediately remember that life is short. Every moment, good or bad, must be seized and lived to the fullest.

While many of us feel helpless in terms of not knowing what to do, the reality is all of us have a great role to play in this disaster. We must go about our lives showing that freedom and democracy is still strong and cannot be defeated. We must band together and offer our support to all those affected by the loss of loved ones. We must speak to our children, comfort them and provide them with the tools to shape a world where this type of horrendous act will never happen again. We must combine our energy and forge a bond that will withstand the forces of evil and terrorism and create a safe haven for all mankind.

There is much work to be done. You are needed!

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