Do you ever feel over-matched or
tired of having to negotiate every deal?
Negotiations are a part of the game of sales; yet, most people go about it the wrong way. They become victims of their ill-advised strategies and tactics.
This free white paper titled "Winning Negotiations Strategies" will provide you with the 13 most commonly used tactics you will run into and strategies on how to effectively handle these tactics and get what you want.

The use of these tactics have resulted in over $750 million added to Ron's clients' bottom line.
Imagine getting exclusive access to the PROVEN NEGOTIATION TECHNIQUES that top sales professionals use to close more deals, faster. Not theories... the EXACT STRATEGIES used in boardrooms across the country to establish and secure your position as a trusted expert, while closing record sales.
Sales Negotiation is an art. Get the tools to unleash your inner Picasso.
In this [free] download, you'll receive exact techniques to:

  • Create Win/Win Negations
  • Quickly Move Clients from Offer to Acceptance
  • Establish Authority
  • Navigate Diversion
  • Evaluate the Trial Balloon
  • Use Numbers to Your Advantage
  • Establish Points of Power
  • Address Inducements
  • Push Beyond an Impasse
  • Move Past the Brick Wall Problem
  • and so much more!

Learn how to master these skills, and over 15 other sales negotiation strategies!
Ron's sales strategies have resulted in the
following victories:
  • Increased client's incremental sales revenues by over ¾ Billion dollars (Karr IMPACT! System™)
  • Landed a 10-year agreement worth $200M (client repositioning & negotiations)
  • Knocked competitor out of the market and grew sales by $33M (new business growth strategy)
  • Within three years, company once with 62% decrease in shares and valued at $96M was sold for $1B (sales strategy, team leadership)
  • Consulted with a company merger worth $2B to combine two disparate sales forces (sales strategy)
  • Helped client close a $5M deal with a new customer (negotiation and value positioning)
  • Grew a $24M company to $30M (senior team/CEO coaching, recruitment/training of sales teams, growth strategy)
  • Turned around a $12M company and increased a buyout offer from $8M to $20M
  • Client doubled its business with fewer bids (450 to 250)
  • Client closed largest consulting contract at $70K (outcome selling)
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