Sales is a simple game of giving people what they want, when they want it, right? Wrong.
To become a highly-successful, consultative sales professional, you need to confront the common (and not-so-common) roadblocks that prevent your innovative products from being sold, fast!

You need to apply the Titan Principle™!

Supercharge your sales strategy with this live, electric audio recording by Ron Karr, straight from Key Largo. Learn the strategies to end your sales pains and achieve the goals you've set out to conquer this year.

Take charge of your sales success future.
In this live audio program, Ron Karr catapults sales professionals pasts their current limiting beliefs of their idea of success, while providing simple strategies that you can implement for immediate success!
"What are you going to do to change the
perception in the minds of your
customers? ... You cannot lead with
features, functions, benefits... which
sales style will you reside in to be
successful in today's world?"

— Ron Karr
Learn the strategies that top producers use to stay at the top of their game!
Get over 120 minutes of elite sales tips and strategies in this highly interactive and motivational downloadable audio file that was recorded live.