How to Turn Failure into Success

Yesterday morning I had the privilege of hearing Daymond John (of Shark Tank) being interviewed by Jeffrey Hayzlett, CEO of C-Suite Network Advisors. Jeffrey asked Daymond about his strategies for success, and Daymond said that he is always learning, always trying new things, and always adjusting his strategies in order to keep growing. Not everything he does … Continue reading How to Turn Failure into Success

How to Get the Most Out of the Holidays

Our ability to influence others and make impacts in people’s lives depends on how we show up.  Watch this video tip on how you can enhance your holiday experience while having positive impacts on others.

Rejection is Truly A Gift

What would life be like if you truly felt rejection as being a gift?  It would dramatically improve your lifestyle and success.  Why?  Because rejection forces us to see what we are doing wrong and make adjustments to get better results. Consider rejection as being a measuring stick. It merely is a signal that our … Continue reading Rejection is Truly A Gift

Eliminating Self Doubt

Anne Hathaway in her acceptance speech for the Golden Globe Award she won for her role in Les Miserables said;  “Thank you for this blunt object which I will forever use as a weapon against self doubt”.               What a quote!   It just goes to show you that … Continue reading Eliminating Self Doubt