Mastering the Art of Influence

When we find ourselves stuck in the same place in our conversations, getting the same results, our first reaction is often to blame outside circumstances—the things beyond our control, which is usually the people we’re talking to. To turn the tables and Impact others who are critical to our success, we need to understand how … Continue reading Mastering the Art of Influence

The Key to Impact Others

As a Motivational Speaker and expert on Sales and Leadership, I find that everyone is looking to improve their ability to Impact others in their lives—to influence them in order to get what they want. Yet their ability to Impact is hindered by the inability to listen. Most people only hear others, and that limits … Continue reading The Key to Impact Others

Using A ROCK to Grow Sales

As a motivational speaker and sales leadership expert, I love to witness inspiring events that spark motivation and action. One such event occurred last week at the California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) headquarters.  CPK’s CEO GJ Hart was hosting the Winter Meeting of the Chief Revenue Officer Mastermind Group (CRO), a group I facilitate, which consists … Continue reading Using A ROCK to Grow Sales