Using Your Smartphone to Sell More

Use your smartphone to increase sales —and I don’t just mean by dialing prospects. This two-minute video demonstrates an easy way to use your phone to do the selling for you and increase your IMPACT! As a Sales and Leadership expert, I assure you that the time you invest in using this tool will deliver big results.

From Lost Trust to Lost Business—How to Avoid This Business Killer

A key executive for one of my clients passed away recently, and although I tried desperately, I could not make my travel arrangements work out properly to get to the funeral service. To make matters even worse, the morning of the funeral I realized I had forgotten to send flowers. I immediately called a florist, … Continue reading From Lost Trust to Lost Business—How to Avoid This Business Killer

Impact the World Like #2

This past Sunday the New York Yankees retired their remaining single digit number, which belonged to their former captain Derek Jeter who played with them for twenty seasons. For most of his career Jeter was consistently among the leaders in the American League in hits and runs scored, and he served as the Yankees’ team captain from … Continue reading Impact the World Like #2

The Success Differentiator

Last week I had the privilege to have Todd Davis, the founder and CEO of the publicly traded company LifeLock, speak at the Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) Mastermind dinner in Scottsdale. This is a group of CEOs from high-growth companies who get together with me three times a year for peer-to-peer mentoring and coaching on … Continue reading The Success Differentiator