Cocktails Anyone?

Who says you can’t make money attending cocktail parties? Just ask Debbie Rearley, a Titan sales executive for the Crowne Plaza Times Square Manhatttan hotel. A few months ago, Debbie met an executive of a major retailer at a cocktail party. In their conversation, the retailer talked about the need for space to interview associates … Continue reading Cocktails Anyone?

Whose Call Is It?

Recently I stopped into a cellular store to inquire about a new hands free-system for the car. The salesperson is paid on commission. After checking to see if the item is in stock, the salesperson informed me it wasn’t and suggested I call back in a few days to see if it is in. Do you … Continue reading Whose Call Is It?

Catching a Buzz!

Buzz Marketing is the latest fad being talked about. The idea is to use a handful of carefully chosen trendsetters in a community to act as “influencers”. For instance, you can call up your friends or associates and act as an influencer regarding a product or service you highly recommend. If the pitch is done … Continue reading Catching a Buzz!

CD Business Cards

Tired of carrying all those brochures and spec sheets? Then go to the nearest dumpster and throw them out (you may want to check with your boss first). Companies now are getting smart and trim by providing their sales people with CD Rom’s the size of a business card. These CD’s are easy to use. … Continue reading CD Business Cards

Cindy Roth-Karr

In case you were wondering if Cindy Roth-Karr is related to me, you better believe it. Besides being a loving wife and wonderful mother who supports my efforts and takes care of family issues during my extensive travels, she is also a sales superstar. While I am usually hesitant to highlight family members, there is … Continue reading Cindy Roth-Karr

What’s Stopping You?

Frustrated that you are not breaking through new levels of success? How about the frustrations you may have with your employees who are not breaking through new levels of success? Many times we will want to accomplish a certain breakthrough, yet we are often deterred because we are saddled with all the reasons and stories … Continue reading What’s Stopping You?

Integrity: Do You Have It?

If you were to ask me what is the most valuable tool all successful salespeople have, it is their integrity. There is nothing more sacred than one’s word. Recently, my wife and I purchased a new alarm system from a well-known company. When the salesperson came to the house, he gave an excellent presentation. The … Continue reading Integrity: Do You Have It?