Value Selling

A child you are caring for is throwing a temper tantrum (known in negotiation classes as the Outrageous Behavioral Tactic) over getting some ice cream. You decide not to buy the ice cream because the child had enough junk food that day. The temper tantrum grows in intensity until you reach your limit. What do … Continue reading Value Selling

Harvey Dorfman

Harvey Dorfman, Author: Mental Game of Baseball “Fear is a sign of intelligence… Whats wrong is fearful behavior” Harvey Dorfman, consultant to some of baseball’s elite teams and players, tells a story of former Oakland A’s star relief pitcher Dennis Eckersley. “Dennis admitted he was scared silly every time he pitched, afraid of humiliation and … Continue reading Harvey Dorfman

Cocktails Anyone?

Who says you can’t make money attending cocktail parties? Just ask Debbie Rearley, a Titan sales executive for the Crowne Plaza Times Square Manhatttan hotel. A few months ago, Debbie met an executive of a major retailer at a cocktail party. In their conversation, the retailer talked about the need for space to interview associates … Continue reading Cocktails Anyone?

Whose Call Is It?

Recently I stopped into a cellular store to inquire about a new hands free-system for the car. The salesperson is paid on commission. After checking to see if the item is in stock, the salesperson informed me it wasn’t and suggested I call back in a few days to see if it is in. Do you … Continue reading Whose Call Is It?