New vs. Old Customers

Do you treat existing customers differently from new customers? Most people do and it is disgusting. For one thing, we tend to take existing customers for granted. All of the special attention we provided prospects to turn them into customers tends to dissipate once they are on board. In some cases, when it comes time … Continue reading New vs. Old Customers

What’s Your System?

Every profession has a system in place for success. For instance, according to Todd Piland, Sr. VP of HEB ( Retail Grocer), location is crucial for a store’s success. We all know that. But do you know the critical factors they look for in a location? Todd looks for a location that is on the … Continue reading What’s Your System?

Modern Day Prospecting

We all know about the intelligent databases marketing companies use to mine information on its buyers so they can be targeted to in a customized manner. But what about customized cold calls? If you are still dialing for dollars blindly, chances are you’re wasting your time. While prospecting is still a numbers game, today’s technology … Continue reading Modern Day Prospecting

The Power of Options

The concept of giving your customers a variety of options of how to buy your products and services is not new, but it still remains a powerful sales tool. Let’s take a look at Disney World’s version of Option Selling. When you buy your park passes, you have several choices. First, you decide how many … Continue reading The Power of Options

Who Would you Listen To?

You have two sales reps calling on you one right after the other trying to sell you similar products or services. The first rep is very knowledgeable, but loses your attention as he gets bogged down in the features of his products. The other sales rep gets you involved by providing a stimulating environment that … Continue reading Who Would you Listen To?