Harvey Dorfman

Harvey Dorfman, Author: Mental Game of Baseball “Fear is a sign of intelligence… Whats wrong is fearful behavior” Harvey Dorfman, consultant to some of baseball’s elite teams and players, tells a story of former Oakland A’s star relief pitcher Dennis Eckersley. “Dennis admitted he was scared silly every time he pitched, afraid of humiliation and … Continue reading Harvey Dorfman

Cocktails Anyone?

Who says you can’t make money attending cocktail parties? Just ask Debbie Rearley, a Titan sales executive for the Crowne Plaza Times Square Manhatttan hotel. A few months ago, Debbie met an executive of a major retailer at a cocktail party. In their conversation, the retailer talked about the need for space to interview associates … Continue reading Cocktails Anyone?

Whose Call Is It?

Recently I stopped into a cellular store to inquire about a new hands free-system for the car. The salesperson is paid on commission. After checking to see if the item is in stock, the salesperson informed me it wasn’t and suggested I call back in a few days to see if it is in. Do you … Continue reading Whose Call Is It?

Catching a Buzz!

Buzz Marketing is the latest fad being talked about. The idea is to use a handful of carefully chosen trendsetters in a community to act as “influencers”. For instance, you can call up your friends or associates and act as an influencer regarding a product or service you highly recommend. If the pitch is done … Continue reading Catching a Buzz!