Who’s Fired?

When we hear “You’re Fired”, the first thing that comes to mind is Donald Trump’s Apprentice show. Yet, is the concept of firing limited to employees? The answer is a resounding no!!! How about firing some customers? Customers fire vendors for not being good. So, why can’t vendors fire customers who do not fit their … Continue reading Who’s Fired?

Catching a Buzz!

Buzz Marketing is the latest fad being talked about. The idea is to use a handful of carefully chosen trendsetters in a community to act as “influencers”. For instance, you can call up your friends or associates and act as an influencer regarding a product or service you highly recommend. If the pitch is done … Continue reading Catching a Buzz!

The Balanced Growth Plan!

The two universal laws of sales success are: Sell more to existing customers and keep prospecting for new business at all times. Which of these laws is more critical to your success? Both of them! It is a fact that it costs you less to sell more to existing customers because you have already invested … Continue reading The Balanced Growth Plan!

What Are We Missing?

In reading the book Maestro (the story of Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan written by Bob Woodward), it was interesting to learn of the dilemma facing the Fed in trying to figure out why the economy was acting in certain ways. The biggest concern was over corporate profits. In the old models, prices would rise and … Continue reading What Are We Missing?