Great Expectations!

Are you afraid to make the call because you think the customer won’t buy your product? Guess what, you’re right! Do yourself a favor, stay home and don’t make the call because the customer won’t buy from you. Why? If you really don’t think you are going to succeed, your actions will support that outcome. … Continue reading Great Expectations!

Succeeding the Armstrong Way

Congratulations to Lance Armstrong, a cancer-survivor who came back and just won his third straight Tour de France. The Tour de France is a grueling 20-stage bicycle race regarded as the premier cycling event in the world. The interesting thing about Lance Armstrong’s latest victory was his come-from-behind strategy. In Stages 1-12, he stayed behind … Continue reading Succeeding the Armstrong Way

Seize the Moment!

This tragic and dastardly act serves as a reminder that life at times is fragile. Every moment we feel the inconveniences of life, we must immediately remember that life is short. Every moment, good or bad, must be seized and lived to the fullest. While many of us feel helpless in terms of not knowing … Continue reading Seize the Moment!

Bravo- Jennifer Capriati

What’s the difference between today’s 25 year old Jennifer Capriati and the teen age version 9 years ago? COMMITMENT! As a teen, she was totally unfocussed on winning and overtaken by the celebrity status she enjoyed. Her main interest was partying. She also fell victim to being influenced by individuals who were out for their … Continue reading Bravo- Jennifer Capriati

Weiss 1% Rule

A very successful colleague of mine, Alan Weiss, talks about his 1% Productivity Rule: If you increase your productivity one percent per day, you will double your productivity in 70 days. Some of you probably recognize this rule is based on the same formula used for compounded interested. Can you imagine doubling your productivity in … Continue reading Weiss 1% Rule

To Thee I Give Thanks

In this month of Thanksgiving, it is important to realize that all of us would not be successful without the assistance of others. Please take the time to thank those who have helped you. For it is your acknowledgement, thanks and appreciation that fuels their will to continue supporting your efforts. Could you have been … Continue reading To Thee I Give Thanks