What’s Your Legacy?

Here’s an exercise. If you were ask to seven people who depend on your leadership what they would remember you for, what do you think their answers would be? Would their answers be based on their perception of you as being self-centered or service focused? The fact is there are many people who have made … Continue reading What’s Your Legacy?

Shopping, Anyone?

It’s time for you to go shopping. But instead of going to the mall, shop your company. Haven’t you been frustrated when you called a vendor and their voice mail was too long creating undo aggravation on your part? Or how about when it takes what seems like an eternity to have a technical representative … Continue reading Shopping, Anyone?

So, How am I Doing?

In the late 70’s I remember making a sales call on Wall Street and taking a break for lunch on the steps of Federal Hall (Intersection Broad and Wall Street, site where George Washington was inaugurated as our first President). Around the corner from Wall Street comes a man who introduces himself as Congressman Ed … Continue reading So, How am I Doing?