Three Elements of Success

For any organization or individual to succeed, you need three things: The right strategy, the right talent and the right tools. All too often, the strategy is sound, the talent is capable, but the tools fall far short in helping the talent succeed. In this case, I am referring to skills as the tools required … Continue reading Three Elements of Success

All it takes is 3 Cents!!!!

A Titan Sales Executive knows that in order to succeed, you need a good resource proclamation—- a statement to start your sales call with and define the outcomes a customer will realize from using your products and services. Gary Stewart and his wife Denise are Titan real estate agents who provided us with a classic … Continue reading All it takes is 3 Cents!!!!

Coaching with Sandwiches

Ever wonder what the best way is to give advice to someone? Try using the “sandwich approach”. The sandwich contains 3 parts: Positive reinforcement on top, advice in the middle and positive reinforcement on the bottom. Here’s an example. Many moons ago when I was the National Value Added Reseller Manager for a manufacturer of … Continue reading Coaching with Sandwiches

The Growth Factor

The number of times I have encountered the “Apple Effect” are too numerous to count. What is the Apple Effect? It is the textbook example of when entrepreneur Steve Jobs started Apple Computer in his garage and grew to epic proportions. Jobs ran into trouble when the company reached a certain point and required a … Continue reading The Growth Factor

I See, I Hear, I Do!

It is a well known fact that when a student hears a concept and sees how it works, their retention level is around 40%. But when they actually implement the techniques, retention skyrockets to 80% and so does their level of success. The “I Do” part is mission critical and it all revolves around personal … Continue reading I See, I Hear, I Do!

Olympic Style Coaching

What was the biggest difference between Michelle Kwan and Sarah Hughes performances? One was skating very tight and the other one just let it all hang out. Kwan came in being the heavy favorite and the pressure was on to win it all. You could see she was tight in her moves and all of … Continue reading Olympic Style Coaching

Leading in Turbulent Times!

When times are great and things keep going your way, the ability to lead can seem like an easy thing to do. When things stop going your way, times get harder, people start worrying and leadership takes on a whole new meaning. The real test of one’s leadership ability takes place in times of adversity. … Continue reading Leading in Turbulent Times!

Will You Please Leave?!

“Will you please leave” are the words Brian Billick, head coach of the World champion Baltimore Ravens, once used in asking two ladies to leave the practice field. It turned out the two ladies were actually mothers of the two players they were speaking to. Coach Billick did eventually apologize to the two women, but … Continue reading Will You Please Leave?!