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Why Is The Apple 5S the Fastest Selling iPhone Ever?

Apple has enjoyed its biggest opening sales weekend ever for an iPhone. According to industry publications, Apple claims it sold a combined total 9 million units of the iPhone 5S (the more expensive model) and the iPhone 5C (the lower end model). Yet, of the two, the iPhone 5S is outselling the iPhone 5C by a ratio of 3-1. Why are Apple’s sales the best ever for this release and why are people choosing the more expensive model?


The reasons are plentiful. First, you have industry issues like Blackberry failing to rebound and more crackberry’s are migrating to Apple and Droid. You also have good historical data on the quality of the iPhone and the advantages it offers it’s users.

But, there is one other reason for this successful product launch; one most people are not looking at and that is quite possibly an intended or unintended strategy on Apple’s part. A reason that may be driving Apple’s success even higher.

If Apple just released one new model of the iPhone like it has done in the past, it would have forced people into a yes or no decision. Buy the new iPhone or don’t buy it. By offering two models, they have created a new psychological mindset by removing the decision of whether or not to buy and replaced it with the decision of which model best serves you.

By offering both a higher end model and a lower end model, most people will gravitate to the higher end model because they don’t want to lose out on features and functionality. They want it all. Sellers often do this to lead people in a certain direction.

Whether Apple intentionally used the options strategy to sell more units and get customers to buy more of the higher end model is not known. What is known is the strategy they used is working and producing incredible results.

Option Selling. Try it. You will like it. Give your customers the power to make their own decisions. It will pay off handsomely for you too.

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