Where Can I Find Good Help?

Our booming economy is providing all executives with a key challenge—-where to find good help. While I would love to have the answer for all of you (would be worth more than winning this week’s NJ Power Lottery of $300 Million- wish me luck), I do have some insights that you should use for guidance. … Continue reading Where Can I Find Good Help?

Grover Cleveland

“It is not that they can’t see the solution: It is that they can’t see the problem.” Grover Cleveland Translation: Titans concentrate on helping their customers understand their challenges and identify appropriate solutions. Non-Titans concentrate only on selling their features hoping they will be enough to make the sale. Features are commodity driven. Solving problems … Continue reading Grover Cleveland

Gary Nelsen – Agfa Corp

Gary Nelsen: Western Zone Sales Manager, Medical Imaging- Agfa Corp Imagine a team of sales executives who unanimously claim that their manager is the best manager they ever had. He goes out of his way to solve their problems and free them as much as possible to go out and do what they are hired … Continue reading Gary Nelsen – Agfa Corp