It’s Only a Kick

This year’s Super Bowl, if you can put aside the Janet Jackson fiasco, should be known for being one of the best Super Bowls ever played. It all came down to a field goal in the last few seconds of the game. Adam Vinetari missed two earlier field goal attempts, but succeeded on his last … Continue reading It’s Only a Kick

Jon FriedmanProducer

Jon FriedmanProducer – The Rejection Show Some writers, cartoonists and actors have had their work shot down by the market. What do they do with the rejected pieces of work? If you are smart, you would take it to Jon Friedman, who created a show dedicated to rejection. Jon’s Rejection Show is gaining popularity … Continue reading Jon FriedmanProducer

Go Ellen Go!

Not many people were fans of EllenDeGeneres, that is until her talk show premiered on NBC last September. Before that, she had to deal with the fall out from her publicly declared sexual lifestyle, which soon led to the demise of her sitcom and a dramatic slump in popularity. This experience alone would stop most … Continue reading Go Ellen Go!

What’s Your System?

Every profession has a system in place for success. For instance, according to Todd Piland, Sr. VP of HEB ( Retail Grocer), location is crucial for a store’s success. We all know that. But do you know the critical factors they look for in a location? Todd looks for a location that is on the … Continue reading What’s Your System?