Flying Like a Trapeze Artist

Our Titan of The Month, Richard Burley, sent me this message that really brings home the attitude one has to have to reach new heights.

“The only way a trapeze artist can successfully catch an approaching bar is to release the one on which he is swinging. As a metaphor this describes the journey and experience I have had using your material. I was reluctant at first to let go of the trapeze bar I was swinging on. However, after a few false starts and an unhealthy attitude concerning your work, I took a second look and became a student. It was like I was flying – using the momentum from having released the bar and flying through the air to catch and grab a new bar.”

Thank you Richard. You have eloquently described what must happen for one to break out of the comfort zone, assume some risk and try new things.

Here’s a question for the rest of you. Are you holding onto your existing bar, or are you letting go and reaching for the next bar? Your future success depends on your answer. Go ahead, soar like a trapeze artist.

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